Style Spotlight: Tiffany Hsu

One of our favorite street style shots from last month’s fashion weeks was of Lane Crawford fashion buyer Tiffany Hsu sporting a floral MSGN skirt and top, Givenchy sweater, and Mawi’s fan favourite Pyramid and Pearl necklace.

These shots of the style starlet were captured just before attended the Marni show — and have since inspired a Tiffany Hsu fever.

Tiffany managed to look flawless for every photo during her Fashion Week travels: from London to Milan, then all the way to Paris, the woman had not a pattern out of place nor an accessory out of line with her playful, put-together-punk looks.

We adore the below images of Tiffany and Lane Crawford Fashion Director Sarah Rutson in matching J. Crew crewnecks! Both women style their jumpers in ways that clearly exemplify their own personal style and individuality; such timeless versatility.

Earlier this month we announced the exclusive launch of our menswear line, Sir by Mawi,  at Lane Crawford, and it is rumoured that J. Crew will follow suit by  making a greatly anticipated jump to distribution the Hong Kong fashion emporium later this season.

Tiffany Hsu and Sarah Rutson wearing J Crew

What do you think of Tiffany’s style? Are you as addicted as we are? Let us know in the comments below.

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A Word with Margot Bowman

I was recently lucky enough to have a word with fellow East London artist, DJ, designer, and film maker Margot Bowman.

If you just take a glance at her portfolio, you can tell she’s a workaholic. Not only has she collaborated with more brands, businesses and artists than can be named (okay, Urban Outfitters, Alexander McQueen, Kiehl’s, and Mawi just to name a few!), Ms. Bowman also boasts a hefty load of extremely poignant personal projects to add to that collection.

Margot is also the creative director for the British Fashion Council’s Estethica Review, an ethically-minded fashion zine. Read on for Margot’s interview and the full scoop on her latest projects.


Full Name: Margot Bowman

Current Location: An aeroplane on my way to Cape Town

Current Project(s): Im getting all festive with the Town Hall Hotel for my Christmas installation.

Tea v. Coffee: Tea, green

- How did you get to know Mawi and Tim?

MB: I had the pleasure of DJing for them at the opening of their Calvert Ave. store and we got on so well. I love going out for dinner with them – they always pick the best place and order things I’ve never had. Those two need to start a restaurant guide!

- Do you have a favorite piece from Mawi’s collections, past or present?

MB: I think my favourite piece is the classic flat chain choker. It’s so strong and simple but so so powerful.

See a slice of Margot’s jewellery collection above. The photo, by Georgia Kuhn, is  part of Margot’s interview for Freunde von Freunden and was taken in her home in Hoxton, London.

- Mawi also bases her studio in East London; do you think being an East London-based artist influenced your personal style and art?

MB: For sure – you habitat is a big part of making work.

See another East Londoner and friend of Mawi, Pelayo Diaz, above, painted by Margot with “Each man kills the thing he loves.”

- We’re so interested in your Everything Is So Amazing project. It’s a pretty unsettling concept; can you tell us a little more about your inspiration for it? Will there be any more installments?

MB: I’m really interested in how human nature is being affected by the digital reality we co-inhabit. I think it’s really important that we have culture that explores this.

My film “Keep It Under Your Hat,” for Costume National and TEST also explored these ideas. The characters are being watched, they are sharing so much of themselves and then they start covering up, hiding themselves behind the costume national collection. Check out Margot’s film below!

Keep It Under Your Hat from margot bowman on Vimeo.

- Being Creative Director for the BFC’s Estethetica Review is quite the accomplishment. How do you reconcile the desire to be fashion-forward while focusing on sustainable and ethical fashion in the midst of such a consumer-focused industry?

MB: Its about looking at fashion in a modern way, about wanting to push things forward. Thing aren’t black and white anymore and everyone can find their own balance.

See above, Rita Ora on stage sporting a pair of camo trousers emblazoned with a message by Margot: “We need a resolution, we have so much confusion.” Rita also wears a Mawi necklace.

- What’s been your favorite project thus far? Is there anything specific you hope to get involved with in the future? Up and coming projects?

MB: I’m currently working on an installation at Town Hall Hotel for the coming holiday season.


Be sure to find Margot on twitter and keep up with her latest creations on tumblr!


Maria Nichole

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