What Daisy Wore Next

When Daisy Lowe wore one of Mawi’s claw-set pearl necklaces to the British Fashion Awards she caused a sensation and sales of that particular retelling of the classic English accessory shot up. This month she is smouldering in French magazine Jalouse wearing this cocktail ring from the SS 11 collection…

Coming Soon

and a very desirable metallic striped knitted cardigan-jacket- the perfect foil to a flimsy white dress!

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If you feel like crying your eyes out…

…watch this! (I missed it at the cinema, but sat weeping on the plane when I saw it a couple of weeks ago.)

‘Never Let Me Go’ is the film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s questioning novel of the same name, starring Keira Knightley, Mawi favourite Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield of ‘The Social Network’. The film imagines a world in which a class of human being is created whose sole function is to provide organs for donation to ‘full humans’- the three leading characters are born into these circumstances.

The film challenges the viewer with its sci fi premise, but also speaks to universal human experience through the complicated web of love, friendship, jealousy and insecurity which is woven between the three contemporaries.

Their sheltered, ethereal naivety is brilliantly captured by costume designers Rachel Fleming and Steven Noble who have created utilitarian, understated looks for the three central characters, against a backdrop of sludgy schoolrooms, rural simplicity and wide, beckoning countryside. It’s an aesthetic which I found very beautiful and inspiring, what do you think?

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