The Mawi Mansion Party

On Friday Mawi took West London by storm, invading the 17th century mansion Il Bottaccio, , in Hyde Park for a hedonistic celebration of our greatest season yet. Hundreds queued outside well into the night just to play a part in the festivities unfolding above them. After a weeklong build up our door men were inundated with most of London’s social elite, all wanting to make the short journey up the marble staircase into our Mawi world.

untitled 2

The line snaked down the road for most of the evening. 

Cocktails and champagne flowed freely, as heavy baselines vibrated through the towering speakers enticing many to writhe together on the hard wood dance floor in wild mass of bodies. Rooms and corridors were lit only by hundreds of candles as party goers explored the mansion’s many levels and alcoves experiencing the unexpected.


Faris Badwan and Yasmina Dexter

As always Mawi’s signature style could be felt throughout as Paula Goldstein , Faris Badwan  and Yasmina Dexter  created the soundtrack for the evening from their DJ booth.

untitled 1

Paula Goldstein during her set.

With three incredible acts lined up to perform Paula wrapped up her set of killer party classics and Whistle Jacket took to kick things off. Enraptured by their 90’s nostalgia vibe they captured the mood perfectly as women dressed in lace coiled themselves around men sipping imported beer from the bottle while listening to their soft guitar work.

untitled 10

Whistle Jacket

As Whistle Jacket wrapped up their set, Faris the legendary lead singer of The Horrors, , took to the decks slowly raising the tempo ready for Haymoonshaker  to rock the crowds with their distinctive rock dubstep mix. The base line rumbled our spine as their front man Dave Crowe beat boxed the crowd into a fever pitch, the twosome’s distinctive cool was infectious.


Heymoonshaker’s Guitarist and Vocalist Andy Balcon.

As the lights dimmed in anticipation it was time for our final act to perform. The critically acclaimed singer songwriter Gabriel Bruce  took to the stage and the crowd fell silent, waiting for his cool indie melodies to take them on his distinctive journey that won him a place on the NME Field day lineup . His debut single ‘Cars not leaving’  swept the crowd away and his musicality enthralling the packed ballroom, compelling them to do nothing but listen.


Gabriel Bruce captured during his standout preformance. All images taken by James D Kelly.

With the final chords fading out the crowd favorite Yasmina was given the task to finish the night. Her DJ sets are a marvel of musical prowess and without missing a moment she envelops the crowd with a musical mix that’s too cool for many to handle.


Tim and Mawi

After finally drinking the bar dry it was time for our guests to move on and as we cast our mind over what had been our most astounding party ever we wonder; how the hell can we top this next time?

For more images of the Mawi mansion party visit Christopher James amazing photography blog,

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LFW AW13 Round Up

Now that the glitz and glamour has left Somerset house, we cast our minds back over what has been one of the most successful seasons in London.

As the sun rose on Friday London was opening its doors to the worlds fashion elite, the familiar sound of heels clicking their way along the strand could only mean one thing, fashion week was upon us. With the sun miraculously making an appearance crowds gathered waiting with baited breath, to see what our fashion future held and in the exhibition hall we were poised, ready to spring into action.


Our trademark antique cabinets were artfully arranged with four new distinctive collections; Rebel Rocks, Rebel Romance, Deco Glam and Glitter Bug, waiting for the world to fall just as in love with them as we are. Our latest glitter clutches sparkled as the natural light flooded in through the huge bay windows that looked out across the glistening Thames. The intricately ornate chandeliers cast their soft beam perfectly over the ballroom while the tall bright white walls were the perfect contrast to our sumptuously opulent collections. It was time for the Mawi madness to begin with press, bloggers and buyers converting our new offering.




After an extremely successful first day the Fashionista slowly moved on and the La Bodega Negra in Soho played host to yet another legendary Mawi fashion week party. People sipped margaritas straight from the jug and danced on the bar as Paula Goldstein, Yasmina Dexter and Rachel Lyn set the musical tone before Joe Robbins took to the stage to perform his own distinctive brand of acoustic cool. Attended by only a lucky few, many queued outside for over an hour to catch a glimpse at the festivities, immortalised by the extremely talented James D Kelly and the infamous party blog


Our new collection a fusion of fresh, contemporary style and glamorous vintage nostalgia continued to draw attention throughout the weekend as a wide array of people walked through the hallowed halls. And as our week came to a close and a steady stream of exhibitors filed out through the halls, we sipped our Prosecco and toasted a job well done, time to head to Paris.

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