Susie Bubble Rocks Mawi AW11/12

When it comes to high fashion the pressure to be commercially successful means that many people in the industry are afraid to stick their heads above the parapet.  It’s safer just to parrot what everyone else is saying, to surf the wave of someone else’s creativity…

In contrast, Susie Lau has a sense of style that may not be to everyone’s taste, but that’s the whole point: she is distinctive, she is original and she has an idiosyncratic point of view. Here she is photographed during LFW in an interior which looks fondly familiar from my days as an MA student at The Courtauld Institute in Somerset House…

She is wearing an Irwin & Jordan panel-fronted dress with a Bebaroque dress underneath- I love their amazing beaded tights and bodies, a pair of snakeskin effect sunglasses from Linda Farrow (a pair of their vintage frames is top of my wish list) AND a Mawi cuff from our A/W 11/12 collection.

Now tell us you’re not a fashion insider, Susie…

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An Original: Nagaland

Even the most fanatical fashionista, can get a little sick of dresses and colour palettes during the mammoth month of fashion weeks, so I thought today I would bring you inspiration from somewhere completely different- Nagaland!

I travelled to this North Eastern state of India a couple of weeks ago to research two articles I was working on. I travelled alone, with just one contact in Dimapur, who you’ll be hearing more from soon… It is a fairly wild and rugged place- until this year tourists were not allowed to travel in groups of less than four and hard to go through a laborious process of getting a special permit, so I was pretty nervous.

Driving in a jeep over a bridge that looked like this didn’t exactly allay my fears…

But it turned out to be one of the most incredible trips I have ever taken- I made so many friends who went to such efforts to help me discover everything I could about this fascinating part of the world. I have never felt so at home, so far from home.

The tribal jewellery was spectacular. I particularly loved the neon beads- very SS11!

Local market with some interesting treats for sale…

Catching forty winks at the office…

I desperately wanted to buy the exquisite baskets intricately woven by a local artisan, but he wouldn’t sell anything to me!

This was a very random discovery, but that’s why I loved it. I was wandering about near the market when I stumbled across this tiny secretarial school, complete with these amazing old typewriters. They had no idea why I was getting so excited. I wanted to sign up for a course I found the place so beautiful. I suppose to them, they’re just a bunch of old typewriters and benches which they’d rather see modernised.

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