Romain Le Cam Shoots the Mawi Studio

Shot for, these eerie stills have made us look at the Mawi studio in a fresh (and possibly more sinister) light…

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I do

I hope my Indian friends will forgive me, but living in Bombay I’m struck by how often Indian women look far from their best on their wedding day- one of the most significant, and hopefully most beautiful days of their life. One of my best Indian friends described to me the horror of her wedding morning as her mother and grandmothers pulled and pushed her, to and fro, loading her with piles of ‘aggrandizing’ jewellery. She’s a pretty firey, forthright character and it took some monumentally deep breaths, and an encouraging text from her husband-to-be, for her to endure the torture and accept, as she puts it, that “They could have their day, and I would have the rest of my marriage.”

British brides can be similarly afflicted- even the most elegant women struck down by a sudden bout of bad-taste when it comes to their wedding. So we were delighted to see these wonderful photographs, taken by David McClelland and chronicling Hamish and Niamh’s stylish, idiosyncratic wedding. They got married on the same day as Kate and Wills in Co. Cavan, Ireland.

Mawi and I went through the album together wow-ed by how brilliantly David captured the fun spirit of their day. They’re like stills from an art-house film: easy, warm, completely unpretentious…

The bride wore a 1950s vintage frock, Manolos and emerald green Mawi pearls.

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