Amethyst is In for A/W12

Couldn’t make it to our preview at this spring’s LFW but still craving a little insight into what kind of jewels will be adorning Mawi’s creations next season? Take a look at Chanel’s A/W12 runway show for a clue.

As you may have seen, Lagerfeld out did himself again. This time he showed the Chanel A/W12 collection amidst a massive maze of crystalline shards. A key element of this incredible set were huge amethyst prisms that seemed as though they had erupted from the catwalk in all their glittering glory.

Not only were the crystals used as an eye-catching element of the show’s set design, but you can expect to see gem-shaped accessories hitting stores this fall as well. Check out Chanel’s gorgeous shard-shaped clutch below.

Great minds think alike, no? One facet of Mawi’s A/W12 collection also features organically shaped amethyst crystals and breathtaking purple hues. She gained much of her inspiration for the collection from the spiritual weight crystals hold within different sects of Pagan religions. See how, in one of the designer’s key pieces below (and my personal favorite) the natural shape of the huge amethyst, juxtaposed with her classic elements of rounded Swarovski crystals and rose gold, creates a feeling of ancient Pagan mysticism.

Clearly we should all be investing in some deep purple statement jewels this autumn. I’ll be picking mine up from our Shoreditch flagship store! Mawi’s NeoPagan collection will be available for purchase later this summer.


Maria Nichole

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Guest Blogger Pelayo Diaz

I have the greatest pleasure of announcing Pelayo Diaz, blogger-extraordinare,  trendsetter, and fellow East Londoner as the newest guest writer for the Mawi blog.

Last summer Spanish-born Diaz released his debut FW11 collection entitled Nobody Knows, artistically fusing prep and edge. We’ve been smitten with the impeccably coiffed Central Saint Martins grad ever since he started sporting Mawi’s wild Tutti Frutti collection a while back, and now he will grace the pages of our blog with details on his relationship with accessories, Mawi’s decadent creations, and with the designer herself.

I’ve been reading Pelayo’s blog religiously for over a year now, and as a student at Central Saint Martins, I can say he is definitely an inspiration.


I was still one of those Shoreditch looking students at Central Saint Martins, in London, when my dear friend Margot introduced me to Mawi, we had a lovely meeting at her studio, had tea and laughed about things.

It’s funny how people or the beautiful things they make can take you back to the past and recover a memory you had buried. I remembered how amazed I was with my grandmas’ diamond ring when I was a child, she would go through her jewelry box with me telling me great stories about each piece. That’s why, while working with Davidelfin on the Katharsis collection for this summer, we thought nothing could go better than colourful, happy and unusual Mawi Jewellery.

Accessories are so important that they’ve become the main thing in an outfit in fact, they shouldn’t be called accessories anymore, they should call clothes accessories instead! People who own any piece of jewellery from Mawi know what I mean, and will totally understand me when I say sometimes you choose what you are going to wear once you have a Mawi necklace or a bracelet on, and all that is because, just like I was saying before, Mawi pieces have the power to tell a story by themselves.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you how happy I am that Mawi exists, and even more that I can call her a friend. Without her the long days of work wouldn’t turn so colourful and the fashion weeks wouldn’t sparkle half as much.

Lots of love, Pelayo Diaz.

Love him as much as we do? Follow Pelayo on twitter and stay tuned for more!


Maria Nichole

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