What’s in Your Bag?!

A dear friend of Tim and Mawi’s, the fabulous fashion guru Andre J, is taking the video blog scene by storm and getting to know New Yorkers on an intimate level—by exploring the contents of their bags. Be it a rucksack, bucket bag, clutch, tote, holdall, or briefcase, What’s in Your Bag?! gives viewers an innovative glimpse into lives of the passersby on NYC streets.

Andre J cunningly asks “What do the items we choose to carry around with us all day say about who we are?”

Tim and Andre J go way back; the two were introduced in London and have been close friends ever since. Tim came to consider Andre one of the most sincere people he’s ever met.

And now, not only is Andre delving into the handbags of unwitting pedestrians, but he is also currently involved in charity work with Life Ball and Designers Against AIDS. After a shot of Andre, hamming it up with supermodel Carolyn Murphy (photographed by none other than Bruce Weber himself), made the cover of French Vogue (see below), Andre J became an instant international sensation.

There is nothing that Andre J doesn’t do. Aside from being one of the biggest names on the NYC party scene as a jack-of-all-trades model/entertainer/philanthropist/overall wonder child, he also devotes time to helping young girls on New York’s Lower East Side get to know themselves a little better by hosting self-esteem workshops. His own love for life is certainly infectious. Andre says “I want people to look at me and feel inspired, to feel hope, to smile. I want to surge positive energy into your body, confirm that you too can be yourself.”

I swear he must never have a minute to himself; it’s rumoured that a fashion line and documentary detailing the spectacular life of Andre J are both in the works.

I am obsessed with watching Andre’s video shorts. It’s such a clever approach to getting to know someone in a really personal way and usually takes a minute or less. His videos have really gotten me examining the contents of my own tote. It literally holds my entire life (see below), from day planners to a point-and-shoot film camera to my favorite mascara, what does it all say about me?

What are some items you MUST have in your bag at all times? I’m dying to know…and analyze! Let me know in the comment section below.



Maria Nichole

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Paul Smith Welcomes Mawi’s S/S12 Collections

Visiting Amsterdam soon? Make sure to stop in to the new Paul Smith boutique to get an edited look at the newest Mawi collection. The store, launched early last month in the heart of the Amsterdam’s prestigious P.C. Hooftstraadt, will stock a special selection of Mawi’s S/S12 collection.

It’s an exciting and symbolic addition to the current Paul Smith line, and an ode to the brand’s clean, architectural look. The luxurious materials and modern graphic shapes of the Mawi ‘Pyramid’ collection completely complement the modernist design of the new Paul Smith store and collections.

The new shop also pulls inspiration from around the world, adding an offbeat collection of furniture and accessories. The man himself commented on the store’s diverse aesthetic: the mixture of different brands allows for “an eclectic mix of our various lines. The interior has quite a modern feeling but with our familiar sense of humour.”

I love that such an established clothing brand is using our jewels to enrich an already amazing line!

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