Missy’s Saturday sprint through Stoke Newington

Just as you were beginning to think that it had been rather a long time since you’d last heard of the ever entertaining adventures of Mawi mascot Missy, she only goes and pulls off quite the stunt that has had Mawi and Tim thanking their lucky stars that their precious pooch seems to be fitted with some sort of homing device; Missy’s personal dog walker on the verge of considering a complete career change; and, Missy’s fellow play-date canines realising that Missy the City Beagle isn’t necessarily up for sharing when it comes to discoveries of the bony kind.

So, let me set the scene. On a perfect excursion for those who love a good rummage around in some undergrowth; Missy, her aforementioned personal dog walker, and four other four-legged friends went for a delightful day out to Albany Park in Stoke Newington for some light exercise. Naturally, a good old rummage for goodness knows what ensued, which rapidly turned into a forage for food as Missy and her fellow scavengers picked up on a scent. Of course, what was to follow was a discovery that would not only lead to Missy and the poor dog walker (armed with four other dogs) to give chase through Stoke Newington on a busy Saturday; but would also keep Missy ridiculously preoccupied for a good week after, and longer it would appear; and see her have a little falling out with a cheeky Jack Russell that would try it’s luck in sharing this prize find.

Missy 1

Missy 2

Missy 3

Missy 4

Missy 5

Just imagine this, you’ve got the sole responsibility of four other people’s dogs who have entrusted their much-loved pet in your care for the day, and god forbid, you only go and lose one of them. Well, this was the case on Missy’s most recent day out with the dog walker, which led to a frantic phone call to Tim to confess to Missy going awry; a sighting of our now wayward pooch on Church Street Stoke Newington by a friend of the dog walker’s (recognised by her trademark diamante necklace, of course); and a relieving discovery on Tim’s arrival home to arrange a search party in Missy’s honour. It turns out that not only was Missy rather reluctant to share her find with anyone else, but she also fancied being in the comfort of her own front garden to enjoy something that can only be described in Missy’s world as an upgrade from her usual fried chicken remnants that she feasts on courtesy of Kingsland Road’s many fast food outlets.

So, it was all okay. As the dog walker arrived at Tim and Mawi’s (still with four other dogs in tow I might add) at the same time as Tim to hatch a plan to find Missy, there she was, pleased as punch, and already making pretty light work of her hefty snack. Panic over. Something tells me that the dog walker will be operating a strict on-lead policy from now on. But, that wasn’t it, Missy might have been safe and sound back at home and completely unscathed from her unattended sprint, or more Missy friendly canter as the case may be, through Stoke Newington at it’s height of activity, but her Jack Russell friend, a term which I use rather loosely, as after this day it might be the case that they are no longer on talking terms, was in for a shock when he fancied a slice of the action also. Put it this way, Tim was to take on the role of Ref  for the scrap that was to follow, leaving a scolded Missy for her violent outburst, and the now not so cheeky Jack Russell retreating with his tail between his legs, quite literally.

With all the trouble that it caused, you’d think that the bone in question would be better off disposed off for the sake of all concerned, but no. Missy kept her find for about a week after the events of that particular Saturday, burying it in the back garden out of harms way, Missy cured the bone for a whole seven days before Mawi and Tim found her kicking back on the sofa with it, much to their disgust. So, that was it. Missy’s prized bone had to go. Apparently, she still wonders about the garden and the house aimlessly looking for something that she went to so much effort and a whole lot of calorie expenditure to keep a hold of, bless. And, in light of her unfruitful search that we reckon will continue until she finds something else to satisfy her taste buds, she is certainly looking forward to her next trip to Albany Park that’s for sure.

For more adventures from Mawi mascot Missy, an insight into studio life here at our Dalston HQ, and of course, a look at the latest collections from Mawi, do make sure that you keep up to date with Mawi’s Blog.

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Vogue Italia makes it four International Vogue features for Mawi in August

Have a look at this stunning series of shots from August 2009′s issue of Vogue Italia (or September 2009′s in magazine talk). This shoot brings Mawi’s total of Vogue features up to an impressive four for the month of August, with British Vogue, Vogue India, and Japan all also featuring pieces from Mawi’s long awaited Autumn/Winter 2009 Costume Luxe and Heirloom collections.

Vogue Italy Aug 09 _4[1]

Vogue Italy Aug 09 _3

Vogue Italy Aug 09 _5[1]

The first three shots, each with a somewhat sixties vibe, feature Mawi’s Costume Luxe Claw Set Pearl Ring, which despite looking as though it was crafted for maximum impact when engaging in a little bit of fisticuffs, is really all about making a statement in the glamour stakes. Available in either silver (as shown in the spread), or with a classic ivory pearl in a gold setting, this ring with it’s claw set jutting pearls could not make the traditional pearl look more modern.


Autumn/Winter 2009 – Costume Luxe Collection - Claw Set Pearl Ring in Silver, £216


Autumn/Winter 2009 – Costume  Luxe Collection- Claw Set Pearl Ring in Gold, £216

We particularly like the last in the series of shots, where even though lucky enough to fashion the ultimate neckpiece from Mawi’s Autumn/Winter 2009 Costume Luxe collection, which we reckon has to be the wow factor piece of the season,  the model is still looking decidedly glum. With a combination of giant pearl and metal domes strung together and adorned with inlaid Swarovski crystals and more claw set pearls, this piece, we can assure you, will put a smile on your face.

Vogue Italy Aug 09 _1[1]

Vogue Italy Aug 09 _2[1]


Autumn/Winter 2009 -Costume Luxe Collection- Multiset Pearl Dome Necklace, £500

As mentioned before, the Autumn/Winter 2009 collections are now available to buy, and if the string of shots that Mawi’s Blog have brought to you over the last month, including those from Vogue Italia, and that fourteen page spread in British Vogue, aren’t enough to have you scrawling your wish list, then we simply don’t know what is. If you require any further information on the pieces featured above, or any piece from the Autumn/Winter 2009 collections for that matter, then please do not hesitate to contact us on sales@mawi.co.uk.

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