We ♥ Garance’s Vogue Pelle Video

I just came across Garance Dore’s great backstage Vogue Pelle video on Blip TV. It’s stamped with her signature sense of impeccable style and awash with Mawi!

We love…

I’m an especially big fan of how they’ve styled the Mawi Sunray necklace with heaps of smaller necklaces.  

Mawi Sunray Necklace 

Spring Summer 2010-Dynamite Collection- Folded Sunray Tube and Ribbon Necklace-£527

Email sales@mawi.co.uk for availability


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In general, I’m a big bag kind of girl. I like the ease with which you can chuck all of your belongings for the day into a big squishy tote and dash out the door- no need for careful editing of unnecessary possessions, no need to remove the magazine you’d finished looking at two days ago. The price I pay is a vaguely stooped posture and probable spinal curvature…

So, in the spirit of the times, I’m trying to downsize.

The zenith in the small-bag quest is The Tiny Little Clutch, that utters sophistication in one (very husky) word. Carry one and a delicious cocktail will automatically appear in your other hand, and a beautiful man by your side!

There’s a certain appeal in the pared down ease of needing nothing more than a lipstick, credit card and phone, and it’s an appeal which the solid version of The Tiny Little Clutch epitomises. So this metallic model in a recent still-life shot from Polish magazine, Pani instantly caught my eye.


And my other (dream) favourites…

From Celestina:


Celestina Clutch


Bottega Veneta’s modernist creation:

Bottega Veneta Clutch


 And Judith Leiber’s less chic but wonderfully witty ganesh clutch:


Judith Leiber ganesh clutch

 My blogging equipment has had the downsizing treatment too- from big, clunky laptop, to neat and nifty Netbook! It’s so much lighter and pops in a (downsized) handbag much more easily. Although admittedly not even a netbook is small enough to fit inside my vintage find you can just spot in the background. But almost.  




 On the downsized theme, I’ve also come to the ’tilt-shift photography’ party a little late, but totally love it, just the same! Basically the angle is adjusted to create the effect that full-size objects are miniature. It’s a bit like looking at the world from a giant’s point of view.

Watch this video to see what all the fuss is about-it’s a real film of a helicopter rescue operation, made to look as if it’s happening in toy town:

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

But when the miniature malarky gets a bit too much, find the perfect antidote in the Mawi necklace also featured in Pani:


Mawi Dynamite dome and spiral necklace

Spring Summer 2010-Dynamite Collection- Dome and Sprial Necklace- £473 

Available Here

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