We ♥ Lydia Baylis

Ok, I’ll come clean Lydia Baylis was a friend of mine at university, but she’s also naturally beautiful and immensely talented with a real passion for what she does. We love her fresh, new sound!

Buy her debut EP ‘Those Green Flowers’  here.

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We want to go to Paris…

to see the YSL retrospective! (Not that we need an excuse for longing to head to the city of love!)

The exhibition has met with mixed reviews from some for side-stepping the darker aspects to the designer’s identity, particularly his battle with mental illness. But as a testament to his incredible design talent, it seems to be a more than fitting tribute.

I like the idea that the pieces are displayed not in chronological order but by theme and motif so that pieces from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s can be directly compared alongside each other. For any exhibition, be it of an artist or a designer’s work, I always find it fascinating to see aesthetic or intellectual threads that have run throughout their whole careers.

YSL poster

YSL’s image- particularly that created by Jeanloup Sieff’s sexually charged photograph of him in 1971…

YSL by Sieff

has become as famous as his most iconic designs, like the Mondrian dress for instance:


Yet he is a figure who remains shrouded in mystery. It sometimes seems as if the fascination with his designs is an attempt to understand the man himself better.

He was such a diverse designer that everyone has their own notion of what he stood for in fashion and design terms. I think he was a designer whose pieces really came to life once they were on a female body- you only have to look at his pieces on a mannequin and then on a model to see what I mean.

These are my personal highlights from YSL’s fashion repertoire that have me dying to get on the Eurostar to Paris!

The YSL tux, that redefined evening wear for women:

YSL tux

The incredibly evocative Occupation Collection of 1971- for me flippy dresses, turbans and fur stoles will never go out of style!

Occupation Collection 1971

The Safari jacket. Need I say anymore?

The Safari

YSL Safari worn by Verushka

And finally, maybe I shouldn’t go to the exhibition because the temptation to grab the pink dress on the left from the mannequin and run, crazed and whooping, from the museum, might just prove to be too much…


I’d wear it with these fabulous Mawi earrings, preferably to The Oscars:

Multi Gem EarringsSpring-Summer 2010- Dynasty Collection- Multi-Gem Encrusted Earrings- £230

Available Here

Exhibition ends
:  August 29 2010
Petit Palais
Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008, Paris
Tel: +33 (0) 153 43 40 00
Open: Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm (late night Thursdays until 8pm). Closed Monday
Admission: €11

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