Superstylin’ at London Fashion Week

In the busy street of London, full of eager fashionistas and camera yielding paparazzi all flocking to Somerset House for a glimpse of London Fashion Week, we went hunting for new, inspiring and exciting ways in which people are wearing their MAWI bags and jewels and we did not come up short. Here is a snapshot of the young and the beautiful all having fun and being playful with their MAWI accessories.nytimesfashion inst

Kristina Bazan is having a ball of a time with Gilda Koral Flora and their Glitterbug Clutches. Having gone for a casual ensemble in an array of bright primary colours, Kristina is showing a fun everyday look which is perfectly complemented by a her choice of a silver and green Glitterbug clutch. Gilda on the other hand has gone for more subdued colours which give her look a classic sophistication reflected in the depth of the Midnight Blue Glitterbug clutch.  You are looking superbly elegant ladies.zimbio kylie kuhn


Front row at the Helmut Lang runway show we spotted the show-stopping Kyleigh Kuhn in a stunning Crystal Leaf and Spike Necklace from the new Galaxy Rocks collection. By wearing defined lines and neutral colours, Kyleigh has really made the jewellery come to the fore, giving her look a strong feminine feel with the spiked necklace and earrings providing that rebellious edge we love.

Tiffany Hsu, womens designerwear buyer for Selfridges, is a lady with plenty of style, and as the decision maker behind what makes it onto the shelves of one of the world’s most renown department stores, she is a good person to look to for style inspiration. So how does she wear her MAWI?  BlogFor a sophisticated day look she has gone for a complex depth of colours, perfectly complimented by the iridescence of the spiked magenta teardrops on the necklace. Ahead of the curve, as per usual, Tiffany’s MAWI necklace is part of the upcoming Autumn Winter 2014 collection JOIE DE VIVRE. If you like what you see then watch this space for future announcements and sneek previews.blog2Wearing MAWI can be part of your everyday look. That is exactly what Tiffany is showing us with a fantastic array of styles all of which she has paired with either some MAWI jewels (in this instance the Teardrop Crystal and Tube Necklace- top and bottom left images) or a MAWI clutch (Ruby Red Glitter Clutch- on the right).

The best thing about accessorizing an outfit with MAWI is how much fun it is. You can be versatile, unique and eclectic all at the same time- whilst never losing your own personal essence. 

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Mawi’s Spring Celebrity Fling

Spring Header

Ladies and gentlemen, it is official, spring is in the air! It is time to put away our winter wardrobes and prepare for the warm days ahead (I am being optimistic). The fashion forecast looking forward features a cornucopia of florals, corals and pastels- all we need is the weather and accessories to match. Luckily the latter have already arrived in the form of MAWI’s beautiful new collections which have proved a runaway success with fashion loving A-list celebs.

katy perry earrings

I spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter ‘B’:  it’s BARABELLA. The unmistakable drop earrings adorning Katy Perry’s ears at the Brit Awards this February are evocative of the spirit of late sixties decadence captured in this new collection. The jewels in this collection, so full of playful colour combinations and candy-like opulence, herald the return of Spring.  

KatyP Bracelet

After a change of outfit, here she is again, looking fabulously embellished with a geometric gemstone bracelet from the new inter-galactic  GALAXY ROCKS collection. Through a dark twisted fusion of saccharine-fantasy and hard-edged realism, GALAXY ROCKS emerges as a whimsical take on punk glamour perfect for the rebellious.

maisie williams

Katy Perry is not alone. Maisie Williams, or Arya Stark for any fans of Game of Thrones, has been spotted looking super cute in a silky green outfit paired with a spiked crystal ring and bracelet. A great day time look for the upcoming months of sunshine (still being positive). 

laura mvula

Nothing says spring in the city like METROPOLIS: a marriage of Art Deco glamour and industrial idealism. Every piece is strong, structural and evocative of city skyscapes glistening in the sun. Laura Mvula shows us how its done by contrasting the Deco Box pendant and drop earrings against a classic black outfit. Here the jewels are the headlining act- as we think they should be.

The signs are clear, Spring is here and there is only one thing left to say: it’s time to pay MAWI a visit.


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